A Chorus Line

A Chorus Line
This classic groundbreaking collaboration between Marvin Hamlisch and Michael Bennett is about  Broadway dancers auditioning for a spot on “the line”.  Winner of 9 Tony Awards and the 1976 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, the show provides a glimpse into the personalities of the performers and the events that have shaped their lives and their decision to go into “the business”.

Directed & Choreographed by
Brian Feehan

Producing Artistic Director: Nancy Barry
Assistant Director / Choreographer: Iñaki Baldasare
Musical Director: Mindy Cimini
General Manager: Brittany Bara
Stage Manager: Emily M. Wharton
Stage Manager: Julie Marie Langevin
Costume Designer: David Withrow
Scenic Designer: Nicholas Trimper
Sound Designer: Adam Bates
Lighting Designer: Kasey Sheehan
Properties Master / Scenic Artist: Pallas Bane


Zach: Nick Ryan
Larry: Iñaki Baldasare


Cassie: Ashley Landroche
Sheila: Elizabeth Werhli
Val: Kaitlin Niewoehner
Diana: Chiara Trentalange
Judy: Lena Rodriguez
Kristine: Caroline Lambert
Maggie: Sarah Powell
Bebe: Kaitlyn Frank
Connie: Tiffany Chalothorn
Mike: Travante Samale Baker
Richie: Jonathan Blake Flemings
Don: Jerreme Rodriguez
Paul: Deon Oliverio
Mark: Joseph Fierberg
Greg: Drew Berezowitz
Bobby: Jordan Haskins
Al: Alexander Olivieri


Roy, Mark and Greg Swing: Boe Wank
Tricia, Female Swing: Colleen Carroll
Frank (headband boy, non speaking): Danny Chavez


Mindy Cimini: Piano
Emily Ellett: Keyboard
David LeBlanc: Percussion
Ross Munro: Guitar
Seth Bailey: Trumpet
Sam Moffett: Reeds
Marcel Hamel: Bass