Sister Act, The Musical

“SisterThis cheerful musical full of comedy, rousing choreography and terrific songs tells the story of the determined but not particularly successful night club singer, Deloris van Cartier. When she witnesses a murder, the police take Deloris under protective custody and hide her in a convent. Dressed as a nun she soon finds fans amongst her fellow nuns-only the Mother Superior is not at all impressed by the new convent pupil. While hiding at the convent, Deloris helps the convents somewhat out of tune choir get into key and the weka little nuns’ voices resound in a truly divine chorale. Along the way, Deloris helps return the run-down church to its former glory.- and thereby risks blowing her cover. The gangsters take up the chase and are soon hot on her trail. Has Deloris run out of time? Or has the gang underestimated the divine strength of sisterhood.

July 28th – August 9th



Sponsored by:
Golden View Community