WONDERFUL Season 2017

What a WONDERFUL season 2017 was!!!  I think this year’s cast was one of the most amazing group of singers, dancer, actors, and comedians you have assembled!!  Your leads are ALWAYS incredible as are the secondary role performers.  This season it seemed that the ensemble consisted of performers, BOTH male and female, who were so talented and accomplished that that ANY ONE of them could have EASILY handled a lead role!!

Thank you again for making our summer in NH  more special by adding the joy of theatre to my schedule!

— Kathie Medeiros

Sarah Shanelaris Loved CATS!

I have just been treated to an amazing production of Cats.

I went because I fell in love with the show as a child who saw the original in London with Elaine Paige a few times (I’m English, now living here in Meredith.) Your production was wonderful and comparable in every way.

You gave me a lovely evening out.

Thank you, and good luck ongoing to the talented cast.

Sarah Shanelaris

John Powers Sings Interlakes Theatre Praises

We attended our first Interlakes Theater performance, “South Pacific” on Thursday.   It was outstanding!   You have done remarkable work putting together the theater company.   Your casting could not have been better.  Since Boston and Meredith are about equidistant from our house in Amherst, NH, my wife Barbara and I marvel at the difference in cost between a Boston-based production and Interlakes-based production.   We believe the quality of your production is equivalent to those we have attended in Boston, but your intimate venue and cost are remarkably better.   Thanks so much to you and the theater company for such a wonderful performance.   We look forward to Cats and Gypsy.   I see by your credits that you once acted in Gypsy.   You could no doubt step in and do it again!    The lakes region of NH is fortunate to have someone of your caliber running the show.

John Powers
Amherst, NH

The McFadden’s love Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!

I want to tell you how much Duncan and I enjoyed the final performance of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”  Neither of us knew anything about the plot or the music, so it was a total surprise and delight.  The acting, dancing, and singing was superb, and what a treat to hear clearly(from the F row) every word sung!  Thanks to a new sound system finally?!  I still can’t comprehend how such a huge cast maneuvered so effortlessly and quickly about the stage!

Cindy McFadden

Pat on The Addams Family!

I plan on seeing every one of your productions!  Last season, I almost did not go to The Addams family because I was never impressed by that TV show.  What a mistake that would have been!  Turns out that was my favorite show of the summer!

I am looking forward to the next season.

— Pat Farrell