Long, long ago, in ancient Persia, there was a Magic Lamp, a Genie, an evil magician, a sultan with a lovely daughter, and a boy.  Their adventures begin, capturing the mystery and excitement of “The Arabian Nights” in this delightful production of Aladdin!

7/8/11 at 11:30am and 7/9/11 at 11:30am


Directed by: Mark Hoffner


Aladdin: Robbie Sassan
Jasmine: Rebecca Turmel
Jafar: Heather Hunt
Iago: Lauren Eifert
Genie: Roland DuBois
Magic Girls: Emma Flynn, Irene Schultz, Hanah Carlson & Sam Jones
Narrator: Sam Drouin
Camels..: Holly Alexander & Angie Lorden
Sultan: Skyler Alexander
Hyacinth: Brook Solomon
Beggar: Tori Webster
Razoul: Bryan Rowell
Abu: Rebecca Dore
Amare: Chad Clive
Guards: Kyle Lange, Adam Messanger


Arabian Nights – Narrator, Camels, Ensemble
One Jump Ahead – Aladdin, Ensemble
One Jump Ahead reprise – Jasmine
Arabian Nights reprise 1 – Narrator, CamelsWhy Me? – Jafar, Iago
Arabian Nights reprise 2 – Narrator, Camels
Friend Like Me – Genie, Magic Girls
Prince Ali – Genie, Magic Girls, Ensemble
A Whole New World – Aladdin, Jasmine, Magic Girls
Why Me? reprise – Jafar, Iago, Magic Girls
Prince Ali reprise – Jafar
A Whole New World reprise – The Whole Company & Abby Coes


Nancy Barry, Producing Director
Steve Zumbrun, Music Director
Stephanie Scribner, Production Stage Manager
Rachel Witkovsky, Associate Director
Katie Harrison, Costume Design
Ashley Landroche, Choreography
Kasey Sheenan, Lighting Design
Adam Bates, Sound Design
Michael Ganio, Set Design
Emma Flynn, Choreography/Dance Captain
John Findlay, Follow Spot Op.
Jeff Maynard, Technical Director
Philip Bacotti, Carpenter
Adam Waguespack, Carpenter
Jocelin Lehner, Carpenter

We would like to thank the following individuals who have helped make this production a success:
Drew Rienstra
Jordan Fleming
Norb Joerder
Bradley Diuguid
Tammie Turmel