We attended our first Interlakes Theater performance, “South Pacific” on Thursday.   It was outstanding!   You have done remarkable work putting together the theater company.   Your casting could not have been better.  Since Boston and Meredith are about equidistant from our house in Amherst, NH, my wife Barbara and I marvel at the difference in cost between a Boston-based production and Interlakes-based production.   We believe the quality of your production is equivalent to those we have attended in Boston, but your intimate venue and cost are remarkably better.   Thanks so much to you and the theater company for such a wonderful performance.   We look forward to Cats and Gypsy.   I see by your credits that you once acted in Gypsy.   You could no doubt step in and do it again!    The lakes region of NH is fortunate to have someone of your caliber running the show.

John Powers
Amherst, NH