Hi Nancy,

“Sister Act” was definitely one of the best shows I have ever seen at Interlakes Theatre. Incredible choreography, awesome acting and singing by all the actors, perfection in every detail, and an incredible energy level sustained throughout the entire show. The entire cast portrayed to the audience what fun they were having!!!! The stain glass backdrop was exquisite, awesome(how many hours of painstaking painting was involved?!) and mesmerizing. And, of course, you were fantastic as always.(and I’m sure totally exhausted by now!!!!) Hats off to everyone involved in the production. There were so many details and humorous character acting to watch that I had hoped to return for a 2nd performance, but unfortunately my wish could not be realized, and the last performance is in 15 minutes!!! However, our Hanover friends were so impressed that they probably will buy flex tickets for next season. Yay!!!!!

Were you able to locate a suitcase style record player(like I had in college!)? Probably you have by now, but if not, I learned last evening that one of my neighbors has one and maybe two. Let me know if you still need one.

Congrats to all.

Cindy McFadden