The Wiz – August 12th through August 17th

Kenneth GreenThis musical is adapted from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. As you probably remember it begins on a tumbledown farm in Kansas. Mother Nature takes charge and takes Dorothy, Nasia Thomas for a whirlwind ride to Oz where she meets the mama’s boy Lion played by Darius Nelson, the hip Scarecrow, Saidu Sinlah, and the up-tight Tin Man, Basit Shittu. In this modern version, their adventures take them to the big city in the middle of a magical musical circus. It’s a fantasy for today’s boisterous world.

The Director of this fantasy, Kenneth Green (who also directed Godspell) was quoted as saying, “THE WIZ is a side of OZ you’ve never seen before. It takes the story of Dorothy and her friends and updates it with fantastic POP and R&B music written by Charlie Smalls and Luther Vandross. We will be taking the audience on a streetwise fun and hip journey through OZ, but it’s also a lovely story of faith, friendship and family.”

Come along for this wild ride that radiates so much energy you’ll hardly be able to sit in your seat. Call 888-245-6374 for tickets or purchase online!