Scott Sowinski and Sheira Feuerstein appear in Man of La Mancha

On Tuesday July 5th, the Interlakes Summer Theatre will open “Man of LaMancha” the second production of the 2011 season.  This production features Scott Sowinski as Don Quixote, previously seen here in Anything Goes and 25th AnnualPutnam County Spelling Bee and Sheira Feuerstein who returns this year as Aldonza, after appearing last year as Mama Morton in Chicago and  Nimue in Camelot.

In an interview Feuerstein expressed her thoughts about the play and her role in it. “I’m completely captivated by the music and lyrics, and I’m humbled by the ideas that Cervantes puts forth in its story.  I think we’ve all been in a place where we’ve grappled with how we feel about the world.  I certainly have.  I’ve heard the mantra that if you just believe that your dreams will come true, then they will, and you’ll be happy.  Well, by it’s definition, the “impossible dream” that Don Quixote is chasing will not be realized.  And yet, he is the happiest and noblest character in this story because he lives his ideals, despite the fact that his surrounding reality is, objectively, terrible.” She continued  by saying  “The character I play, Aldonza, is his polar opposite: deeply rooted in her reality and resigned that ideals are not worth having — that “the world’s a dung heap, and we are maggots who crawl on it.”  Her journey is a challenging one; how do you come out of that feeling when it is so ingrained in and supported by your reality?  The very act of just lifting yourself up (or letting someone lift you up), and living by the noblest ideals you can imagine, despite the total futility in it, is overwhelmingly inspiring for me.”

Producing Director,  Nancy Barry, stated that  Man of La Mancha is one of her favorite shows. “It is both simple and complex.  In many ways it is the story of the “everyman”.”  She continued by saying “And I think people forget how funny this show is.  Don Quixote is a madman and his life philosophies and friendship with his squire, Sancho are often hilarious. The score is unforgettable with songs like “Little Bird, Little Bird” and “The Impossible Dream“.

Man Of La Mancha is sponsored by Hart’s Turkey Farm and will play July 5th through the 17th at the air conditioned Interlakes Summer Theatre (ILHS), 1 Laker Lane in Meredith.  Show times are Tuesday- Saturday 7:30pm  and Sundays at 7:00pm with matinees on Wednesday and Thursday at 2:00pm.

For more information or to purchase tickets call our box office at 1-888-245-6374.