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“Chicago” Jazzes up Meredith
By Jane Bergeron

When ‘the hills are alive with the sound of music’, the Von Trapp family doesn’t necessarily have to be present.   All you need are 25 or so talented young actors, singers, dancers and musicians taking command of the stage at The Summer Theatre in Meredith Village while they rock your world with their third production of the summer – sexy, jazzy, sometimes scantily clad – “Chicago.”

Producing Director Nancy Barry has had “Chicago” at the top of her list of musicals to bring to the Lakes Region for three years, and her perseverance was finally rewarded this year at the last gasp of auditioning in New York.  One of the few ‘true’ musicals among thousands, “Chicago” is 90% music and 10% acting – who needs to make a speech when you can belt out some “Razzle Dazzle”?

Just in case you’ve been off the planet for awhile, “Chicago” is a tale of murder by fame-seeking speakeasy performers during prohibition years.  It was a time when the ‘best’ murder committed by the sexiest broad drew the most press coverage and resulting fame to not only the suspect lady, but her attorney and reporters as well.
Current trophy holder for most scandalous crime, Velma Kelly is awaiting trial and has become the sweetheart of the tabloid press.

Debuting in Meredith for this role is NYC’s Kelsey Cooke with her ‘20’s bob, fishnet stockings, and a voice that might knock you out of your seat.  Her new competition, the recently incarcerated dumb blonde Roxie Hart, is giving Velma a run for the money in all the aforementioned categories. Maggie Politi returns to STMV, thankfully, for a second summer.

If you were lucky enough to get tickets to the preceding production, “Fiddler on the Roof”, you had the joy of watching John Baker’s conversations with God and his delivery of “Tradition”, “If I Were a Rich Man”, and more.  Saints be praised  –  John returns as Roxie’s husband, Amos – no – Andy – no – Amos – and is heart wrenching with his presentation of “Mr. Cellophane.”

Attorney Billy Flynn (played by Jared Troilo) is slap-worthy as the ladies’ lawyer;  schlumpy prison matron “Mama” Morton, is a hoot of a role for Sheira Feuerstein; and C. Williams’ star reporter Mary Sunshine, is truly a sight to be seen.  But only until August 1st.

Don’t let “Chicago” slip out of town until you have your tickets.  The Summer Theatre in Meredith Village is resident of the delightfully air-conditioned Inter-Lakes Auditorium on Rte. 25.  For tickets and information, visit the Box Office, call 1-888-245-6374, or browse their website at  “Chicago” could be ‘your kind of town’.