A Review of Camelot!

From The Weirs Times
Lerner & Loewe’s “Camelot” Rocks Meredith
By Jane Bergeron

If you’ve ever hit the ‘oldies’ button on your car radio, or entered an elevator mid-song, and heard the strains of “Camelot”, your thoughts most likely flew to the handsome face and buttery baritone of Robert Goulet, and memories of hearing him sing the score on stage, in the movie, or on your own cassette tape.  Robert Goulet is as synonymous with the role of  King Arthur as Yul Brynner is with that of The King of Siam.

Producing Director of the Summer Theatre in Meredith Village, Nancy Barry was unable to procure the megastar to perform at the Interlakes Auditorium…..but she still pulled off a major coups when she was able to entice world famous director and choreographer, Norb Joerder, to spend part of his summer in New Hampshire.  It was Joerder who just recently reunited Goulet and “Camelot” for a critically acclaimed revival on Broadway, as well as a record breaking national tour.  But in 2010, he will be remembered for drawing the very best performances possible from a talented cast of young performers that Nancy gathered from all over the country.

Camelot” is a love story, or rather a love triangle, that has endured through the ages, whether based on fact or myth, the basics never change. The young and altruistic King Arthur reigns the magical kingdom of Camelot, where it never rains until after dark, and the sun shines daily by royal decree.  Kyle Szen, the ‘daddy-long-legs’ of the Meredith troupe, shines as the naïve ruler, and has a surprisingly strong stage voice for

such a young man – his lyrics are not only well sung, but also clear as a bell.

Of course, he is smitten by his lovely Queen Guenevere, who is unquestionably loyal to him throughout years of childless marriage. Plymouth University’s little cutie,  Lauren Burbank with the golden tresses, is wearing the 2nd crown in “Camelot”, and is almost as adorably naïve as her spouse.  The monkey-wrench in the works is that young scamp, Sir Lancelot, played by Billy Noble, who, of course, holds his emotions in check for years as he pines for Her Highness.

The uber-talented Jared Troilo, who this summer has already razzle dazzled us as Billy Flynn in “Chicago”, does double duty in “Camelot’ as not only Arthur’s lifelong tutor, the magician Merlyn, but also the ex-patriate and quirky King Pellinore.

The ladies in waiting and knights in shining armor populate this idyllic kingdom in an array of 51 sumptuous and stunning costumes, and are accompanied once again by the STMV show band.  This is a band well utilized, not just stowed away in their ‘pit’, but also actively involved on the stage as with the clarinetist and fiddler from “Fiddler on the Roof”, the trumpeter from “Camelot”, and the whole ensemble during the production of “Chicago.”

The royals from “Camelot” will be appearing in this chivalrous and witty romp through Sunday, August 15th, and hope to see you at the castle at The Summer Theatre at Meredith Village, in the Interlakes Auditorium on Route 25 in Meredith.  For more information on performances and tickets, please stop by the Box Office, call 1-888-245-6374, or visit the website, www.interlakestheatre.com.  You’ll be humming the tune to “If Ever I Would Leave You” for weeks……